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Levemir Safe For Pregnant Women with Diabetes

AGENCIES U.S. Food and Drug has approved Levemir is used as a safe drug for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes complaints. From research conducted with pregnant women took 310 volunteers, researchers found the conclusion that patients with diabetes in women who take Levemir conditions proved to decrease blood sugar levels at 36 weeks gestation. … Continue reading

Efficacy Oranges and Honey for Skin

Who does not want to have skin that is smooth and smooth without a stain ? There is a natural step for those who do not like the chemical or medical steps. With the development of the cosmetics industry that presents a variety of beauty products, we are confused to choose which one is best … Continue reading

Got Expensive Drug Effects impoverish

The increase in inflation and the cost of production is the reason the drug manufacturers to raise the price of drugs is still largely borne personally by the people of Indonesia. As a result, high prices of drugs that must be redeemed patients are increasingly adding to the burden of life. In Indonesia, the component … Continue reading

Java Acid, Natural Eye Drug

In addition to the fruit is rich in benefits, tamarind tree seeds turned out to be used as an eye medicine. Seeds were diyakni can eliminate itchy, red, or dry. Thus the results of research conducted by experts from drug manufacturers Rohto eye. The content of hyaluronic acid and polysaccharides are the key to this … Continue reading

Aspirin Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer

Those at high risk of colon cancer, for example, there is a history of heredity, can reduce risk by taking aspirin every day. This was evidenced by a study conducted in England by Sir John Burn of Newcastle University. He and his team studied 861 people with Lynch syndrome, a tendency to suffer from cancer … Continue reading

Deaths from overdose “Painkiller” Increased

Abuse of sedative or painkiller continue to rise. In fact, according to government reports the United States, deaths from overdose of pain medication was the highest in a decade. Prescription pain relievers such as OxyConton, Vicodin, and metadone, triggering an estimated 15,000 deaths in 2008, including Hollywood actor Heath Ledger. The amount is three times … Continue reading

Generic Drug Still Considered Not Qualified

Although the Ministry of Health regulations concerning the obligation to revitalize the prescribing and use of generic drugs in government health facilities, people are still less interested in using generic drugs. According to Executive Director of the International Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Group (IPMG) Parulian Simanjuntak, until recently, the use of generic drugs nonmerek only reached 10 … Continue reading