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Eat Food Stew, Can Cut Weight 6 kg in 2 Week

Sumedang – increased body weight while working on the thesis? Habits ‘vent’ fatigue due to stress on food is much experienced, including the Hadi Nugraha (19). With a height of 173 cm and weight 78 kg, Hadi was overweight and decided to go on a diet. Well, unique diet by Hadi managed to make-weight dropped … Continue reading

Even Young Teens Show Signs of Sun Damage

Researchers also found results of special photos lined up with other skin cancer risk factors. Friday, April 13 (HealthDay News) — In a new study that used a special type of photography to unveil hidden signs of sun damage, middle schoolers showed evidence of levels of UV exposure that could raise their risk for melanoma … Continue reading

Baby Saliva Being Crystals Investigated UB Malang

The phenomenon of saliva that turns one year old baby into the crystal continues to attract many people. This time the Department of Biology Faculty of Mathematics, UB (UB) Malang, East Java interested to investigate them. Rafa, infant son of Leni Marlinda Hariadi and living in the MixedHousing, Malang regency, still drooling that turned into a crystal.Until now the release of 104 seed crystal. “There is already a team of UB’s Department of Biological Sciencewho came to the house of the parents the baby. To investigate thebehavior of the children and how the discharge process. Team alsoexamined the boy’s gestures,” said Chairman of the UBDepartment of Biological Science, Widodo SSI, MSI, PhD,Wednesday (21/03/2012). From the research results gestures Widodo said Rafa, Rafa is asmart … Continue reading

Cell Phone Radiation Pregnant Women Make Kids Hyperactive ?

For pregnant women who frequently use cell phones or adjacent devices that emit radiation waves should be careful. Because recent research indicates that exposure to radiation from cell phones during pregnancy can affect fetal brain development, which could potentially lead to a hyperactive child. The research conducted by scientists from the Yale School of Medicine, after … Continue reading

Disease Because Most Browsing

Knowledge of the neurochemical mechanisms in the brain have revealed the “mystery” of this. Involvement of monoamine neurochemical systems in the brain that consists of system Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine in the brain and neuroendocrine can explain psychosomatic disorders. Moreover, the imaging technology coupled with advances in fMRI (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in the psychiatric … Continue reading


Description Aarskog syndrome is a genetic disorder that extreme but rare. Patients with dwarf stature clear symptoms are not apparent until the child was three years old, the face is not normal, musculoskeletal and genital abnormalities, and mentally disturbed. The disorder is associated with chromosome X. The name of this disease that is taken from … Continue reading


Description Aase syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. Yet this disease can be detected before patients reach adulthood. Characteristic of this disease is indicated by three finger bones grow abnormally. Cause The exact cause of this disease is unknown. Symptom General, people with stunted growth. Another sign, pale skin, broad shoulders, abnormalities in the joints, … Continue reading