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Food & Drink for a Healthy Skin

SKIN Require a diet rich in vitamins to avoid damage. If improving nutritionand reducing junk food, then you can obtain healthy skin. Therefore, you need to watch your diet. Then, as if the food is goodfor the skin? The following leak as reported by BoldSky. Green Tea Green tea is an ideal drink to prevent skin diseases. Antioxidants contained in green tea is protective of cell membranes. Green teaso beneficial to reduce the inflammation of the skin and protectsskin from ultraviolet rays in order to avoid the risk of skin cancer. In addition, the food is good for the skin is rich in vitamin C, K and D.These vitamins contain a lot of polyphenols that can ward off cancerradical. Salmon Salmon is good food for skin because it is … Continue reading

Antiseptic Soap Overuse Can Lead to Skin Irritation

Antiseptic is considered as the solution of all problems of dirty anditchy skin. Not infrequently, in order to eliminate all distractions suchas excessive use of antiseptic soap. The threat of germs, bacteria, and viruses are not only found inplaces that look dirty, but also in places that look clean though. To that end, maintain the cleanliness of all areas that are notnecessarily solve the problem. Therefore, not a few people who use the aid of such an antiseptic soap which is regarded as completelysweep all the dirt. Despite the fact that the soap can clean the dirt or bacteria on the hands, you should use no need to be done repeatedly. You do nothave to be paranoid with frequent use of antiseptics to evict thegerms. Instead, … Continue reading

Genital warts

What are genital warts? Genital warts are transmitted through sexual contact. Genital warts are acquired through sexual contact. They are caused by various strains of the human papilloma virus (HPV), which is transmitted by sexual activity with an infected person. Genital warts are small projections of flesh that grow on the male and female genitalia … Continue reading

Don’t Feel Bad About Your Skin (Part 2)

And of course, zits were guaranteed to appear if I was interviewing one of my heroes. Two nights before my on-camera chat with Bono, a blemish rose out of my head that was so absurdly large, a friend said I looked like a unicorn. By the day of the shoot, it had grown to the … Continue reading

Don’t Feel Bad About Your Skin

I have what is known as “sensitive” skin. No, the more accurate term is “touchy.” Actually, it might be “hysterical.” As a kid, I never thought too much about my complexion. Who does? But then puberty hit, and my skin acted pretty much the way my 13-year-old self did: It flared into dramatics at the … Continue reading

Don’t Feel Bad About Your Skin (Part 3)

Given my formerly fraught relationship with my complexion, I’m not about to freak out if I spot a new crease. I can deal with fine lines. Although I will admit to being dismayed by the skin on my hands. Why, why did I never put sunscreen on them? When I hold up my toddler after … Continue reading

Do’s & Don’ts For Leather

The skin is the body which takes care of the seriously when you were 20 or 30’s. Probably not many problems that occur on your skin so you do not treat your skin well. Fact that age determines your skin later. Therefore, you should notice the following points so that the skin can be maintained. … Continue reading